Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Sample Meal Plan

First of all...

Thank you for enduring my previous rant about Sugar and Carbs!

For all of you who are inspired to start changing things, here is a sample meal plan to help you on your way.

Click on the meal plan and it will enlarge for you.

My goal here was to make a plan that has variety and enough fats and natural sweetness to satisfy your cravings. Play with it! Have fun! Enjoy! Live long and prosper.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Upcycling Breakfast Table Chairs

These chairs came from an old college that was getting renovated. When I first bought them I had all sorts of colors I was going to paint them how my breakfast-nook would look... But I couldn't seem to get the nerve to pain them.

At first it was a red breakfast table and white chairs. Then a white breakfast table and red chairs. Then Yellow chairs and a grey table. Green factored in and out of these plans several times. But I couldn't decide, so I left it alone for a year. 

The breakfast area is a very important space in our house, it flows through to the rest of the house. I had to think, rethink, and re-rethink my plan. I had paint chips all over the place. And I kept coming back to green. 

When I finally decided on a turquoise-green paint, it was difficult for me to sand down these old chairs with so much history. I thought about the kids that must have sat in them, passing notes, falling asleep during lectures, sweating during an exam... lots of story's. 

Withought further adieu... here are the pictures. More to come...

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Subscription Boxes

Am I the last person on earth to hear about these...??!! I was so excited when Pinterest first showed me the coolest Subscription Box! I adore the concept.

'What!? I can have random beauitful surprise products shipped to me seasonally for a fraction of its value!?... Sign me up!' :D FabFitFun

Then came the issue of finding a box that shipped to Canada, fortunately there are still lots of options that are still fairly reasonable. In the end I settled on the FabFitFun Box... It seemed to have more of what I was looking for, makeup, scarfs, mugs, candles, perfume, soaps, and more... The Fit part I'm not as interested in, however that can sometimes mean a nice Organic tea which I could enjoy.

The runner up, for me, is The Bookish Box which has all sorts of cool perks for the book nerd and old soul. It will most definitely be my next subscription. Take a look at their site, they look absolutely fabulous.

Needless to say, I can't wait for this box to arrive!! I have shipped it to my work address, because that is where I feel I most deserve surprise gifts to get me through my day! I actually think this should be included in most employee benefit packages... I think it would be the coolest benefit ever. FabFitFun

Not to mention what a perfect gift idea! The gift that literally keeps giving! :) It's inspired me with lots of gift ideas. Don't all the ladies in your life deserve a fun little box of specially chosen treats?!

Meanwhile, at work, I can look forward to getting, and posting the fabulous experience. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Chick Advisor

Just joined Chick Advisor site and I am loving it! I love getting a chance to be honest about the products out there, and free stuff!! I love free stuff!!

Here is how you can do it:

1. Register for a free account (click on the link above)
2. Review 5 products you love/don't love (they have them all!)
3. Click Enter Now and then take their Survey so they know your product preferences etc.